Bird rescue!

Was looking outside the window where im feeding all the wild birds – and 1 was sitting strangely without moving. Breathing but not moving. So i went out to check on it and i could poke it gently with a stick without it moving… Called Falck to ask what to do with it – they said that alot of birds when they have flewn into a window sit like that for 30-40minutes to recover – then they fly away again.

But my little heart couldnt bare it being exposed like that, and sitting on the cold ground so i put it into a box with some food and water. Moved the box into a shelter so no wind or raid etc can hit it

Will check on it later today see how it goes 😀  Cross your fingers

Cant have it to sit there all cold and exposed!

So vulnerable

Hope it can recover nicely here

Such cutie little one

Hope it likes some toast - ive run out of real bird food

Old blankets to make a little cave for her


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  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Sød lille piphans…..hvordan går det med den ?

    Knus fra

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