Christmas eve

Was such a wonderful evening. Arrived at moms around 15.00 for a gift game (throw a dice until you get a 6 and then take a package – when all packages are delivered out a timer starts. Then you start to steal from eachother until the timer runs out. The packages you then have are yours)

Then we moved into the TV room and watched the traditional Disney Show – then mom and dad announced that the dinner was ready and we flew into the table 😀  Was aaaaaaaawesome food! Dad had spend allllll day prepping a turkey and it was GOOD! We all ate til we could barely breathe… mmmmmmmhmm

Then after a small breake where i tried to activate Buffy a little, it was time for Ris´al mande (Dessert) and mom won the gift thats part of the dessert – chocolate and a dvd 😀

Dad and tonie took a whiskey (Lagavulin i think it was called) and the rest of us enjoyed our cola! Uf the smell of whiskey makes me wanna sneeze haha

Preeeeeesents time!! Mom handed out all the gifts and we started the unwrapping fest! We all got some super nice gifts – was really surprising amounts.


Thank you mom and dad for a perfect evening:)

Christmas tree

Tonie and bro enjoyed some liquids

Mom and dad


Nemos new climbing toy. He jumped it the second we got home haha

May i present to you Mr. Piggysheep - buffys favorite new toy, has a "oink" sound when squeezed

Really super pretty puzzle! Caaant wait to start - but need a nemo secured room first:D

Really cool and very pretty decoration "painting" to hang on the wall... and nemo.

And without Nemo.

A pretty bracelet

A pretty necklace

A cookie for Buffy

"hmm where to start?!"

Transport bag for Buffy

From the front


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