A nice day

We decided to give back the little brown chihuahua to her previous owners. My stomach feeling was wrong and i felt i couldnt handle the responsebility of having 2 puppies at the same time. So yesterday Tonie and i drove to Århus and met with Vicky (the owner) to give her back. They had in their minds a little hope that one day she would return, because they missed her so much – so that was a happy ending for everyone:D

After delivering her back we drove back to frederikshavn – but there was like 4-5 hours until the boat would arrive to læsø, so we drove to my aunt for lunch and coffee. I havent seen her for a very very very long time so it was a real pleasure.

My granma was there aswell – settling in for the christmas so we spend a lovely 4 hour cozy chattings.  (Miss you all very much)

My aunt has a little doggie named Fie – its a cairn terrier and she has a kick ass personality haha..omg! That little lady knows what she wants – and gets it! haha so cute:D  But Fie and our little Buffy (thats our little puppys name) came along suuuper well – played and ate and slept together.  Was so happy we got some positive socialisation to Buffy with other dogs:D

Goodbye little Sia girl - we will miss you ❤

A lovely lunch

My aunt and Anders her husbond

My granma and tonie having fun with buffy

Fie in the front - great picture


So much excitement tires out such a little size


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