The little ladies

First night was good – they slept in the transport cage next to my pillow – safe and away from Sir curious Nemo!

Was up twice to get them to pee 🙂

Today they all seem to be at better harmony with nemo – more fun and play around him 😀 – Guessing it will take a few more days until they have accepted eachothers presence fully. I like the way its going atleast so im not too worried

"Can i taste that??"

"No! its mine...and a little big - but mine!"

"kk, ill just wait here then.."

Sleeping beauties

A little nap on my lap



  1. eva Said:

    så söta så

  2. kaernevangen Said:

    Årh nej altså det puttebillede der! Hvorn ku du gøre det søs!!! Kors så lækre og nuttede de er 😀 krammer

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