The happiest day

So the boat left afterall – once we got to frederikshavn it was still snowing and the roads where terrible to drive on!  Uf it was horrible… but we go there around 11.15 and what a wonderfull sight once she opened the door.  3 adorable doggies flew in our arms and greeted us with kisses and wagging tails 😀 2 chihuahuas and a pekingese

We quickly realized the little black one was “The One” for us and started to sign the paper works – But her half sister wich is a creme colored chihuahua was really tempting to take along with us. Then Vicky the owner asked if we wanted her for half the normal price, since those 2 little half siblings are soulmates.  Talked a little with Tonie about it – and we accepted her generous offer.

So instead of 1 puppy we got two amazing little darlings *happy dance*

Names will be revealed in a few days

The introduction to nemo was really beyond all expectations. So far its really good – there have been the hissing from Nemo and a little barking from the puppies. But no fights and they seem to accept eachothers presence.

Sleeping in the car.. adorable or what!?

"Hi who are you?"

Chilling in the sofa

A little dinner- need to buy some real food bowls for them



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  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    De er søøøøde……og meget meget små !!!!!

    Navne som King og Goliath ville være passende….eller ?

    Knus fra

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