Some long days

Last sunday Tonie complained he had some stomach pain – Tuesday we went to the doctor and wednesday morning she told us to drive to the hospital 😦

Wednesday was a long day of waiting for one instance to another – 1 doctor to another.. and then some more waiting it was horrible. Tonie felt horrible and we where both really tired and used. I slept at sis (thank you) and went back to the hospital to tonie the following day.

Today its friday and we got prognosed tonie could come home today wee… but at 10.00 they said that his infection numbers are still at 70 while they should be at 10 or lower like normal people – so they wanted him to stay 1 more night… argh!

They say its a stomach flu infection virus of some sort 😦  But are unsure what to do about it right now – they have run a million tests, and will run some more to be sure.

Im home with nemo at this moment – but will head back to tonie tomorrow morning.

Luckily tonie got a one-man room with tv and toilet etc. Really nice 🙂

Thank you mom and dad for all your wonderful help these tough days – with everything ❤

First examination room..horrible wait times!


Our view from the windows

Us destroying the coord in the back - stupid bed was in the way hihi:P


our huge widescreen tv

My fancy red bed for the night (was only 1 night )

Tonie enjoying some Sudoku



  1. eva Said:

    Min stackars lille gösse 😦

  2. Swiit Said:

    får krya på dig! du får ta och skaffa skype på telefonen eller något så man kan ringa. knappt man kan få tag i er som det är nu ju 😛

  3. dan larsson Said:

    Hej Jeanette..

    Har försökt att få tag i Tonie men inte lyckats. kan du ta kontakt med mig. skicka ett sms så kan jag ringa upp dig. mitt tele: +46703807806
    Kram Dan

  4. Per Said:

    Gött å höra att du är på benen igen! Tror ju magontet kan bero på det där dåliga snuset jag såg ligga på bordet!

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