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Happy New Year Everyone

I wish all of you the happiest 2011 – hope all your dreams may come true:)

hip hip hurraaa


A december month

What a month! Im pleased to know its over tomorrow at 00.00! We are in a loop of bad insidences… seriously the things that has been thrown to us the past couple of weeks!

1. Tonie gets a food poisioning and has to stay at the hospital for severel days

2. My granma gets a blood cluster in the heart and is right now at the hospital

3. The place my dad and brother works at goes bankruptcy… (another company will buy them out tho)

4. We see our dreamdog and drives down to get her – end up with 2 wonderful doggies, regret 1 of them and deliver her back. But after a few days we realize that Nemo is in no way cable of leaving the litte puppy alone… so we decided to deliver her back aswell 😦   (Nemo saw her as a target to destroy and scratched her severel times) so 1 dream “down”.  If we are to get a dog it has to be bigger than nemo!

5. And to top it all a more private matter has surfaced again – you know who you are and we wish you all the best in the world.

Tonight Tonie and i will drown our sorrows in Applecider and candy and movies, while floading in the bed with a million sheets!  Tomorrow is a sparkling new day and we will go to my parents friends to celebrate new years eve 🙂


In the menu to the left on your screen ive made a new tab called “Best pictures of 2010” – enjoy:D

Hope the stuff we got is good!

Looooads of candy!



Bird rescue!

Was looking outside the window where im feeding all the wild birds – and 1 was sitting strangely without moving. Breathing but not moving. So i went out to check on it and i could poke it gently with a stick without it moving… Called Falck to ask what to do with it – they said that alot of birds when they have flewn into a window sit like that for 30-40minutes to recover – then they fly away again.

But my little heart couldnt bare it being exposed like that, and sitting on the cold ground so i put it into a box with some food and water. Moved the box into a shelter so no wind or raid etc can hit it

Will check on it later today see how it goes 😀  Cross your fingers

Cant have it to sit there all cold and exposed!

So vulnerable

Hope it can recover nicely here

Such cutie little one

Hope it likes some toast - ive run out of real bird food

Old blankets to make a little cave for her

Christmas eve

Was such a wonderful evening. Arrived at moms around 15.00 for a gift game (throw a dice until you get a 6 and then take a package – when all packages are delivered out a timer starts. Then you start to steal from eachother until the timer runs out. The packages you then have are yours)

Then we moved into the TV room and watched the traditional Disney Show – then mom and dad announced that the dinner was ready and we flew into the table 😀  Was aaaaaaaawesome food! Dad had spend allllll day prepping a turkey and it was GOOD! We all ate til we could barely breathe… mmmmmmmhmm

Then after a small breake where i tried to activate Buffy a little, it was time for Ris´al mande (Dessert) and mom won the gift thats part of the dessert – chocolate and a dvd 😀

Dad and tonie took a whiskey (Lagavulin i think it was called) and the rest of us enjoyed our cola! Uf the smell of whiskey makes me wanna sneeze haha

Preeeeeesents time!! Mom handed out all the gifts and we started the unwrapping fest! We all got some super nice gifts – was really surprising amounts.


Thank you mom and dad for a perfect evening:)

Christmas tree

Tonie and bro enjoyed some liquids

Mom and dad


Nemos new climbing toy. He jumped it the second we got home haha

May i present to you Mr. Piggysheep - buffys favorite new toy, has a "oink" sound when squeezed

Really super pretty puzzle! Caaant wait to start - but need a nemo secured room first:D

Really cool and very pretty decoration "painting" to hang on the wall... and nemo.

And without Nemo.

A pretty bracelet

A pretty necklace

A cookie for Buffy

"hmm where to start?!"

Transport bag for Buffy

From the front

Christmas eve

I wish everyone of you a merry christmas, hope you will have a wonderful day with your loved ones – enjoying good food and lovely presents:D


A nice day

We decided to give back the little brown chihuahua to her previous owners. My stomach feeling was wrong and i felt i couldnt handle the responsebility of having 2 puppies at the same time. So yesterday Tonie and i drove to Århus and met with Vicky (the owner) to give her back. They had in their minds a little hope that one day she would return, because they missed her so much – so that was a happy ending for everyone:D

After delivering her back we drove back to frederikshavn – but there was like 4-5 hours until the boat would arrive to læsø, so we drove to my aunt for lunch and coffee. I havent seen her for a very very very long time so it was a real pleasure.

My granma was there aswell – settling in for the christmas so we spend a lovely 4 hour cozy chattings.  (Miss you all very much)

My aunt has a little doggie named Fie – its a cairn terrier and she has a kick ass personality haha..omg! That little lady knows what she wants – and gets it! haha so cute:D  But Fie and our little Buffy (thats our little puppys name) came along suuuper well – played and ate and slept together.  Was so happy we got some positive socialisation to Buffy with other dogs:D

Goodbye little Sia girl - we will miss you ❤

A lovely lunch

My aunt and Anders her husbond

My granma and tonie having fun with buffy

Fie in the front - great picture


So much excitement tires out such a little size

The little ladies

First night was good – they slept in the transport cage next to my pillow – safe and away from Sir curious Nemo!

Was up twice to get them to pee 🙂

Today they all seem to be at better harmony with nemo – more fun and play around him 😀 – Guessing it will take a few more days until they have accepted eachothers presence fully. I like the way its going atleast so im not too worried

"Can i taste that??"

"No! its mine...and a little big - but mine!"

"kk, ill just wait here then.."

Sleeping beauties

A little nap on my lap

The happiest day

So the boat left afterall – once we got to frederikshavn it was still snowing and the roads where terrible to drive on!  Uf it was horrible… but we go there around 11.15 and what a wonderfull sight once she opened the door.  3 adorable doggies flew in our arms and greeted us with kisses and wagging tails 😀 2 chihuahuas and a pekingese

We quickly realized the little black one was “The One” for us and started to sign the paper works – But her half sister wich is a creme colored chihuahua was really tempting to take along with us. Then Vicky the owner asked if we wanted her for half the normal price, since those 2 little half siblings are soulmates.  Talked a little with Tonie about it – and we accepted her generous offer.

So instead of 1 puppy we got two amazing little darlings *happy dance*

Names will be revealed in a few days

The introduction to nemo was really beyond all expectations. So far its really good – there have been the hissing from Nemo and a little barking from the puppies. But no fights and they seem to accept eachothers presence.

Sleeping in the car.. adorable or what!?

"Hi who are you?"

Chilling in the sofa

A little dinner- need to buy some real food bowls for them


Please please please

Its now 05.00 and we are waiting to see if the boat is sailing or not – quite a snowstorm outside…. gonna get super irritated and frustrated if its not:(  Then we have to cancel our trip to see the little puppy and i really dont want to do that!!

Stop it!

Spyro speakers

Tonie ordered my christmas present the other day – and today it arrived weee.  I already knew what it was cause he was blank about what to get me – so i suggested those speakers (wished them for years) And as cool they look – they really are! The volume up/down is a Minus and a plus on one of the speakers – touch lightly and it reacts.  Luv it!

Yaya gadget stuff and nerd girl etc.  But they rule! Im so happy 😀  You can get them in severel retro colors -but i wanted mine in black.. think its prettier when it match screen/mousepad/keyboard etc 🙂

Loooooooooove them!!


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