Painted a Nazgul in moms atelier  (Nazgul is an Undead king from lord of the rings) – Still not sure about the sword.. if it should look different. But ive stared at the picture for severel hours now and decided its time to let it go – or it will get too “overdone” in my hunt for perfection. First time i try such things – so had no clue what i was getting myself into haha.. Now next dilemma.. wich wall to hang it on??

It all starts with a background!

Starting to take shape

Adding shades and final "touches"

Not quite done yet

Finally done!




  1. Swiit Said:

    google is your friend! 😉 nice picture anyway didnt know u could paint that good! 😛

  2. Lone Ramtung Said:

    HOV….fortæl lige at maleriet er fremstillet på Mutti´s atelier…..

    Han er mægtig fin ham Nazgul….


  3. kaernevangen Said:

    Det er du dælme sluppet godt fra søsser, ser rigtig godt ud!! 😀

  4. eva Said:

    Va duktig du är den ä jättenice kram Eva

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