So sick?

Yep did catch a cold again. Only been 4 weeks since last? Its great. This time i suspect my dad had a little saying in it tho, as he came home last thursday from work all feverish and sick!

Didnt stop me from going to my parents this morning – and out on the beach with them and some of their friends..  The cold punished me with a storm of fever and some hefty headache once we got back home – its just awesome! (And of course we ran out of headache pills today too… )

A very small lobster house

A tiny museum next to the beach

Lots of rocks - not excactly a sunbathing beach

Inside one of the lobster houses - 2 men would sleep and live there an entire summer back in the days

Barely a breeze - not a cloud in the sky and a shiny sun, perfect weather for a walk on the beach

Dad explaining things in the sand

Stuffed baby seal at the tiny museum

Jan fooling around

Clear blue sky - was so pretty




  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    God bedring skattepige…….
    Du kan da sende Tonie hen efter nogle ondt-i-hovedet-piller.

  2. kaernevangen Said:

    Argh – træls du skal ligge igen søde! Håber det bliver bedre så snart det hele falder til ro efter flytning og det, og så kan Paps altså lære at holde sine baktusser for dig selv! Sikke gavmild han er hva 😛
    Kæmpe kram og god bedring

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