What a long day

Had an apointment at the vet for nemos 2nd rabies shot at 12.00 so took the boat over to Frederikshavn from Læsø at 09.40 and 1½ hour later i was there. The vets took me in just as i arrived, 30mins earlier than planned, so that was a nice service:)

They wanted to keep him tho – because of his eye still runs with water. They needed to sedate him and cleanse it.  They said they could squeeze it in today since its a long travel for me – so again a very nice service.

So while he was under the good hands of the lovely vet ladies – i drove to my sister.  But because of a headache ive had ALL freaking day and a little seasick, and the change of plans that they needed to keep nemo – my head was 1 big blank! – I maneged to drive the wrong way THREE times before i got to their house:P

She had made lovely buns and a bucket of coffee and it was very very nice to see her again. I had 24 little packages for her. 1 for each day in december to Xmas eve:D

Picked up my little boy at 15.00 from the vet. and got him some new food since he really dosnt like the old one we had bought. (tried it before and he wasnt that happy with it back then either) So trying this new thing now.

1400kr at the vet – was really cheap so tonies wallet is happy too:D

Nemo is really sedated – he keeps getting almost unconcious – cant stand up. Tries to eat and he wet himself in his travel cage etc 😦  Im a mess cause of it – and i will not recieve a minute sleep tonight.  The vet said it should wear off tomorrow morning tho:) Feel so sorry for him.. he really wants to be up but cant.. just walks if he is drunk then falls on the ground.  He ate a little and had some water. Buhu my little baby:(

The 24 small packages for my sister 😀 *love you*

Completly unconcious - sleeps with open eyes:(


Nemos new food


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