What a busy weekend

First morning coffee on the table in our new temporarily home. Every muscle in my body hurts and ive even discovered a few new ones!!

Friday evening my brother arrived from denmark with a big truck. He came around 21.030 so wasnt much time for anything except a little snack then straight to bed. 

Saturday morning around 10.00 we started to load to the car.. endless boxes up and down the stairs zzzz. Had a break around 12.00 to get some lunch and then chill for an hour.  Took 2nd load and around 15.00ish we where done.

Tonie took a shower and slept an hour, then went to see some of his best friends Alex and Daniella and their 2 kids. Brother and i stayed in – had some candy and watched Harry Potter.

Nemo was all confused since all our things was gone including his toys and whatnot.. poor boy:D

Saturday night/sunday morning we got up at 03.00 and drove at 04.00 on our way to gøteborg to the boat. Trip went nice and smooth and nemo was a such a pleasure to drive with. He slept entire way – also on the boat. And when we had to wait 4 hours in Frederikshavn for the next boat.. Slept there too. Makes me proud of my little boy 😀

Mom had some sandwiches and a halloween cake ready when we finally arrived to our destination – and some beer! 😀

Unpacked everything in less than 30 minutes – thank god my brother dosnt have any stairs haha

Kept ourself awake for 2 more hours so we where close to 22.00… then we crashed

Busy little weekend finally over – time to greed a new exciting week on our new home island:)

Endless work of un-screwing everything ZzzZ

Positoning the bed so it takes the least space

Tonie is uhm.. mooning the truck haha!!

Some orginization is required to make room for everything

Bigbrother with 2 boxes at a time ofc.. the rest of us are weaklings 😦

Sleeping on top of his cage - Good overview from that position too

Not easy when there isnt enough room for all his legs tsk tsk

Good thing i had a hand free!

Nemo chilling on stena line

The green truck

Moms little snack table when we arrived at bro


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  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    VELKOMMEN TIL DANMARK !!!!! – og Læsø

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