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A cozy marked

Today was the yearly christmas marked in Byrum. Even tho mom was sick she had arranged to get a little corner for some of her things to show:D

Luckily we had a corner INSIDE – cause outside is minus 399999 brrrrrr so cold! But cozy with the snow and snowflakes that came here and there 🙂

Mom arranging the last few things before the opening

Moms corner

Horse parade

Big pretty horsies

More horsies

Lots of people showed up

Saaaaaanta came too

Bear ikon from one of the banks



Weee it arrived

Fiiiiiinally my ring arrived – and this time in the right size! *love*

Its quite heavy - hope it wont fall off haha

Luv it

Christmas decorations

Spend a lovely night at moms place with some other ladies, creating some pretty christmas decorations.  Dad had arranged some treats and coffee after we where done – Was a very fun night:)

Dad being...uhm.. creative!

Some of Jyttes creations

Mom being creative

Decorations stuff

Kaja being creative

Very cute ones Bente created for her hair shop

Bente and jytte being creative

My kane - just need a raindeer infront of it hihi

My creation - to hang on a wall or a door

One more of mine. Hard to catch a good picture of this one - cant photo 3D !


Moms decoration

Super pretty snowy decoration made by Jytte

Some of Kajas decorations

Moms decoration

Pretty table decoration

One of moms decorations



Having funs 😀

Mr. George

He looks so scared haha

A white cat

Nemo wanted out a bit – so took him for a 5 minute snow patrol:D

"eeeeeeew wet paws!"

"What was that? a mouse??"

"Im sure i saw a mouse here mom"

Nemo the great white kitten


Shopping spree

Mom and i spend the entire day yesterday in frederikshavn shopping – it was a wonderfull day. SPITE the extreme seasickness…. was awfull! Had to buy some seabands (wrist bands you put on to prevent seasickness) – cause i couldnt bare to get sick again on the way home:D

Uuultra soft socks

Cute hat!:D

Thank you for a perfect day momsy<3

Leg warmers for my new blue outfit

Grey and black long shirt - to have leggins underneath..its SO soft and wonderful

I loooove my new gloves

Black shirt

For my new blue outfit

Scratching board for sir highness Nemo the 1st

cat mint..... plus cat

Love this little box 25kr in jysk



Bracelets for my new blue outfit

So pretty - use it to hang jewelries on

Looong leech for nemo to the garden walks

Bigger tunnel for nemo



Weeeeeeeeeeee or well for people with more experience (sweden) would laugh and say snowweather but nonetheless its aaaaamazing *happy dance*

Its magic

"please rise 1 more meter"

Perfect afternoon

Made a double portion of pancakes – drove to mom and delivered half ❤

Mhhhhmh *drool*

Was a million pancakes... took forever!

A white awake

Woke up to this wonderful weather weeeeeeee

Snow snow snoooow snow *happy dance*

Cant make snowballs of this snow tho..buhu

Tasty dinner

Roasted cabagge, meatballs, rice and pan sauce – mmmmhm!

Sooo delicious

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