Home sweet temporarily home

Went to denmark super early wednesday morning at 04.45 ZzzzzZzz  Was a smooth ride to Gøteborg – but the 2 boat rides was horrible full with big waves.. uf!

Got somewhat seasick but luckily it didnt last very long and i was fine again.  But later at evening i got sick.. throat pain, tiredness, heavey headed etc.  fun fun

Thursday i was sick..  Got our errinds done we came for and drove around a little. Took the dogs for a walk together with mom and made dinner and such. Friday i rested all i could – maneged to bake some cake for my moms students.  Ment to bake a cake for my dads arrival later at night and a special secret cake for my sister… but had spend every drop of energy already, so had to drop it:(

Was fun at my sister – watched some movies – played a tv game. Bingo banko.. was quite entertaining 😀   And my sis saved the night by having a snot spray! Could finaly breathe again weee

Sunday the long journey home started at 11.50 – was very calm out on the sea so didnt notice it that much. It was the small stena line boat but 200000000 people had decided to travel excact same time as us, so we couldnt find a spot to sit at, at first.. i went a little in panic as i wasnt feeling too well with fever rushes…bleh

Nemo greeted us with cuddle and kisses ❤

Mom is trying to walk 2 excited dogs hihi

Easier with a twin leech on them

Rosenlund (parents farm)

Playing bingo banko


Beated mom in a tablegame *nanana*

Pizza from Føtex<3



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Fine billeder……men du må gerne FJERNE Ludobilledet…….hhhrrrmmmmffff…..

    knus fra Mutti
    – som også lige ønsker god bedring !

    • 1star2minds Said:

      Næh det skal da printes ud og laves til en fin plakat *dumme unge*

  2. kaernevangen Said:

    Er virkelig glad for du ikke lagde Free Willy billederne ind! Jeg takker ydmygt og mange gange – den der kæmpe makrel der, yderst elegant, prøver at komme NED i sofaen is for your eyes only 😀
    Tusind tak for en super hyggeligt dag I to ❤

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