Nemo at the vet

Was again a very sweet experience. In the waiting room there was another very big red fured cat. – Nemo didnt see it at first so he just fooled around like usual, then when tonie got back from the register he saw it and the sniffing started – the other cat didnt like nemo much so a little hizzing took place…

Nemo was a charmer with the 2 ladie vets that came to see him.  He took the eye test perfectly calm and just sat there in my arms. And he took the shot without even noticing anything haha.. Makes me so very proud all the work we have done with him, pays off 🙂

He got his rabies vaccine and a reciption for some eye infection remover thinghy i have to go down and get at the pharmacy.

He weighs 4.8kg the tiny little boy 😀

Sniffing around at the vet


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