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So much packing

Soo much packing my god… Feels like everytime i fill up a box ive moved 2 grams of dust only.  still 20000000kg left *sigh*

Nemo aint excactly helping – everytime i pack something, he unpacks it or remove it or play around in the box so everything is messed up and i have to do it all over…..

So far the count is around 36 boxes. Hitting the end tho – not much left:) Only our computers, the TV – our bed etc.

Went with some candy to visit Tonies siblings, dad and kicki – They have gotten a really nice living room. New sofa and shelf system. Very nice stuff! Dont have a picture of the shelfs as the camera was teasing!

Brother arriving tonight – been a very long drive /day for him, Will be nice to see him again:) Gonna go MC´donalds and buy a few fries to the hungry hulk 😀

NEMO stop opening the boxes!!

I saw you nemo....cant hide it

The new sofa in use:D




Tonie preparing to live in denmark where we dont sell snus (swedish tobacco) –   4 month of survival kit hihi



A little visit

Went to Tonies mother today for some cozy relax time. Ment to change winter tires on our car, but tonie forgot the right clothings tsk tsk.

And i have also payed and booked all tickets and stuff for our moving trip –  1 less thing to stress about atleast 😀

Tonie showing Mikael his dream boat on the cellphone

Plutten watching the birds right outside the window - his future meals haha

Frida giving Måns a good stomach scrub

Eva gave me this to play with - looks really fun! ty:D

6415kr estimated spend on this moving:D Really happy about that

Door sign

Mom emailed me the new look on our new doorsign 😀

She made it herself from her glasshop. She recently got some tools so she can write letters and other small details on glas.  Quite unique and adds a fun aspect to it. Gonna look great on my brothers frontdoor while we are there !

I personally love the little flags 😀

Thank you momsi ❤


Per came over today around 15.00ish with moose stew – ive never in my life tasted moose meat, so that was a new experience 😀

It tasted quite nice – and it was a really lovely stew he made. Family heirloom recipe and all.  There where some handpicked forrest kantarells in it – Mhmm tasted so good !

He and alot of others have been on moose hunt up in northern sweden for a full week – just got back. He showed me a video on his cellphone of the place they visited… MY GOD a view over the mountains and a small lake and stuff.. very very pretty! Postcard material pretty !!

Thanks per ❤


let it snow let it snow let it snoooow

Opened the balcony door,  and to my happy surprise it was snowing a little weeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

Tried to catch it with the camera – you can sense it a little on the sidewalk a cross the street. Tiny little but snow is snow!:D

Snoooooow *happy dance*

Its time to play it again

The sims… cant get around it. Once a year or so,  i get the cravings of playing sims again 😀  Build houses, palaces, schools, stores and ofc Simmers and their pets!

Crafting 1 city after another – where as 80% looks the same in various setups – rarely really play the game with all its potential.. just like to build the things:)

The sims!..gotta love it


Apple cake

Felt the need to bake something – and only had the basic things at home… and 2 apples and some hasselnuts so why not make a apple cake!  Turned out to be the best apple cake in history its seriously that good 😀

Sooo juicy and rich in flavours and soo tastefull its tough not to constant ninja a little piece !

A piece of heaven

How to get a moving truck

So the past few weeks have been filled with tensions and headaches cause of the search for a moving truck, large enough to carry all our things – without costing us 15.000….seriously silly expencive…

But our troubles are now put to rest, because my dad just called, and said he have fixed a truck for 500kr a day weeeee

So my brother will arrive here the 29th and we pack the 30th and drive sunday the 31th 😀

Thank you daddio ❤



How to get attention

You simple find a postition where its impossible not to be noticed.

Fluffy stomach ready for cuddle

Impossible to resist?

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