Mirror mirror on the table! Who is

prettiest of them all?!

Well i could not help myself to squeeze out the last pieces of white oil paint, for this fine makeup mirror.  Even ran out so need to buy more to be able to paint the backside hihi. But the front is done – and almost dry now.  Upfront it looks quite pretty:)

Got so bored yesterday i found 2 flower vases, and just had to paint them? Gonna start paint the walls soon – or maybe the bed? Its white, wouldnt the bed be awesome in red??? Freshly painted - drawers had to stand like that to dry

Gets an oldtime look with this type of painting

Fine lines in the paint



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Det er godt nok blevet rigtig fint…..
    Når du kommer hjem næste gang – så kan du få lov itl at male lidt her…..
    Knus fra Mutti
    ( – hvornår kommer I til DK ) ?

    • 1star2minds Said:

      puuuha det lyder dyrt for dig mor 😀
      Vi pønser på at møde op i dk i næste måned. Tonie er ved at hitte ud af om han kan få en ferie igang. Det bliver dog nok en kort en – da vi skal gemme nogle dage. Og vi tager højst sansynligt nok toget til derned 🙂

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