2nd hand store

Tonie picked me up after work yesterday and we drove to this HUGE 2nd hand store – it was really big.

They had a miiiiiillllion books, but i spared tonie and only looked 5 minutes (Gonna go there myself some day and spend 5 hours!) It was amazing.. so many old history books, a huge bible – medievel things and uuuh *heaven* When i asked if we could spend 1000 there tonie rolled his eyes and said no??? translate needed here please.. he means “yeah sure” right?

Spend the huge amount of 5kr on 2 tiny vases – soooo sweet and cute couldnt resist:D

they are 2 inches tall



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Ja, de er da nuttede…….

    Knus fra
    Læsø Zoo

  2. eva Said:

    så söta så 🙂

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