Cat wash

Nemo dipped his paws in some white oil paint – and we all know thats impossible to get off…. and he didnt excactly voulenteer for a paw-dibbing-bath. So ended up having to wash all of him as he rolled around in the bowl of soap-water haha…  Poor little boy, oh we had to swallow a few laughs here and there, he looked incredibly funny with his SKINNY legs and tail and pointy hair everywhere haha…

He was trustworthy of me enough to not use claws tho – so im happy i have such a strong bond with him. But im guessing im not on his kiss-list right now:D

C-R-U-E-L-T-Y i tell yah!

Sooo wet - and cute

Thihi such a pointy thin tail:D

".... hurt"

Gonna take hours to dry him up:D


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  1. You know who Said:

    Han er da øøøøøøøøøøøøøøndig :D:D Imponeret over at du kunne få lov 🙂

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