Another day

Have almost passed.  Per will come soon to watch the football match (my interest in that event is so huge i forgot the names of who´s playing…) anyway, the dear men shouldnt watch it hungry so i made 40 pancakes they can eat:D

Nemo been trying to convince me the basket fits him perfect and what excactly did i mean when i called him fattie???

Painted a mirror we have in the hallway. Its a brown 2nd hand store bought tonie had before i came here.  Decided id try it in white for now -might change color on it later

Dinner today consisted of yellow and green zuchini + some kikærter (dont know the english word, google suggested “chickpeas” haha…ahem)  roasted in the pan with spices – was really delicious.  And got to test our new toast machine:D

Right now im enjoying a glass of white wine, listening to music – trying to decide if i should watch the football with the men or play some wow – or tease nemo…or all of it!

New toast machine

Paaaaaaancakes (sorry mommy hihi)



Zuchini dinner

Nemo enjoying the last sunshine for today

The mirror before i started

After ive painted the first layer



  1. eva Said:

    Spegeln blev jättefin vad är det för kulor i maten?

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