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Wrist warmers

Tonies wonderful mother created these beautiful wrist warmers to me. They are amazingly soft – just need a single wash so they shrink abit in the fabric then they are ready to use. Weee so happy for them. And the colors are perfect! 😀  ❤

I loooove them ty!

Also made these 2 pretty flowers 😀


Nemos new bag

Went to bergvik (shopping area in karlstad) to deliver tonies crap shaver at elgiganten. Worked fine – its just scratching off the skin instead of the beard! So got our money back and went straight over to the pet store next door 😀

Need a transport cage for nemo for the long trip to dk (and future transports) so needed some quality.  Price wasnt that bad – and i can rest safe knowing nemo will be safe. Its quite big and has steel bars inside. 2 pockets and its possible to fold it together so when not in use, it takes up much less space. Seatbelt can be placed over it so its tight in place too 🙂

And after that, we went to IKEA to get boxes for all our stuff.

He loves it already 😀

Can almost see his eyeinfection here - but nemo your suppose to stay IN the bag!

Lots of movement room for him

20 boxes ready to be filled 😀 (Someone wanna fold them first?)

Moving to Denmark

So, the decision have been made to move to Denmark – my origin country.

I moved here to sweden 1 year ago and given it a try to adapt myself into the swedish culture. And its been quite a task – wich i have failed 😦

Instead we will try to see if our future can be build in denmark on my parents island Læsø.  For a beginning we will live in my brothers house, until we are settled – then find our own lille paradise spot:)

We are proberly moving there in the beginning of next month – so the stressfactor is already sky high in my little system haha. So many things to think of. So much packing and timing and booking and whatnot aaaaah *stress*

Little dk and Læsø


So today after i got home from some grocery shopping, i had gotten a big letter.  There is no return adress but its adressed for me – so i open it and this HUGE picture comes out with a picture of a Hyacinth macow. PER, REVENGE IS SWEET!

For outsiders. Its a symbol of a world of warcraft pet wich our friend Per have – and i dont, and i want it.. badly.  Its the ultimative rare pet.  Oh just you wait… reeeevenge


Late night bakeries

Got an idea in my head and i couldnt let it go! So started project cake test at 21ish and just took last result out of the oven2 min ago..

Project was a success! its now proven my family recipe can be used in various cake forms – without loosing its perfectness 😀

Let the project begin! 😀

Small round shaped form used for this one

Small pan form

Heart shaped muffins

The goodies

The cinema

Is gonna be visited tonight weeeeeeeeeee

We are gonna watch the new resident evil afterlife – in 3D  Cant wait, suppose to be quite an experience wuhu 😀

Horror weeeeeee

Citrus cake

And what a failure!!

1. It was suppose to be twice as high

2. it breaks into pieces when you remove it from the form – even after resting time!

3. Barely any citrus taste

Taste mostly of dough and sugar – a hint of citrus but i think its the scent more than a taste..

Fail cake

Sugar rush

Woooho the candy and beer didnt have a stop button yesterday.  Tonie and I decided it was time to go cross the street and do some shopping!  Result was wayyyy to much candy…

Feels like i have the biggest hungover today – drank only 2-3 beers  and KILOS of candy,  Stomach is a mess!

Samarin anyone??

Suugar rush!

Heart candy ❤

THE most saur candy piece in history! uuuuf

Red paint

Was really bored this morning, so asked Tonie if i could steal his old file cabinet and paint it. He said sure, aslong its going to be red 😀

For some reason i cant catch the real red tone on pictures. Its not as “flaming” red as shown on photos. Its more dark

But here are the results of todays paintings

how it looked before

Booorrring color

And now in red 😀


The vampire slayer!

Yep, its loaded again – 3rd time now and its still incredible awesome 😀

Its really fun to see all the characters in the first few episodes.. teenagers! But knowing what they become later just adds so much charm ❤

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