True blood

As some might know, im very fascinated of vampires – and ofc im watching the most popular show that runs at the moment – True Blood –   What an awesome show!   (Sookie i am vampire *bill compton voice* haha – only fun if you have watched the show..)

I have watched “Buffy the vampire slayer” complete series several times – and i could still go straight to the tv room and put it on once more..

And of course “Angel” (expansion from Buffy) is fully in my memory as a truly touching show ❤

Can also mention my 3 ultimate fav movies Underworld 1-2-3  – i love the aspect they put into vampires, and i love how they concentrate of the history in a cool way *thumps up*

One very hyped show thats incredible popular for some weird reason – Twilight – its just an insult really…  Seriously what did the producers think when they made that? No, i do not like their angle of vampire history at all. *thumps (both) down*

If anyone can recommend any vampire related stories/movies or shows we have completely missed out on – please do tell:D

Vampire girl



  1. fangsforever Said:

    Hello there….

    You should try to watch the show – The Vampire Diaries. One season complete and the second season are starting this September.

    info on the show


    • 1star2minds Said:

      Oh yeah thats right – completely forgot about that show. Heard different stories about it, positive and negative – time to judge myself! 😀

      Thanks alot for your input:)

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