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Poor little nemo

A bee violated little nemo and put its stinger in his lower lip – he ran under the bed, but maneged to get him out and take the stinger out too.. under heavy protest. He was very hurt and started to shake a little bit while lying down, so called the vet to hear what we should do -If the breathing increase or the shaking gets worse we should bring him in.

Shaking stopped shortly after and 10 minutes later he drank some water and started to inspect the balcony for mean bee´s..

He is still a little swollen on his lip as shown on the picture.. UF i hate it – scared me so much

Swollen lip



Is terrorizing this apartment at the moment. A week ago tonie brought home a cold from his brother mikael – and yesterday my system decided it was time to catch it too.. *grr*


On a sidenote..

I am very sorry for the lack of posting last few weeks – really havent had any “great” shareable moments (without turning it into a nemo blog :D)

Still working on the “Spinning wheel” – painted the last today and tomorrow i can start with the polish.  Hope the end result will be as good as i picture it:D

Homemade pizza in the oven right now so the air is filled with a wonderful aroma

Ox meat

Chorizo sausages


Yellow peperfruit


Tomato puré



Homemade dressing

And the pizza dough of course

-Bon apetité


True blood

As some might know, im very fascinated of vampires – and ofc im watching the most popular show that runs at the moment – True Blood –   What an awesome show!   (Sookie i am vampire *bill compton voice* haha – only fun if you have watched the show..)

I have watched “Buffy the vampire slayer” complete series several times – and i could still go straight to the tv room and put it on once more..

And of course “Angel” (expansion from Buffy) is fully in my memory as a truly touching show ❤

Can also mention my 3 ultimate fav movies Underworld 1-2-3  – i love the aspect they put into vampires, and i love how they concentrate of the history in a cool way *thumps up*

One very hyped show thats incredible popular for some weird reason – Twilight – its just an insult really…  Seriously what did the producers think when they made that? No, i do not like their angle of vampire history at all. *thumps (both) down*

If anyone can recommend any vampire related stories/movies or shows we have completely missed out on – please do tell:D

Vampire girl

Shiny kitty

Caught a few photos with the pretty boy in the sunlight – very rare as he hates the heat.. suppose to be a cat but..

And if your smart you see i just found an excuse to show off my beautiful little kitty boy okay?!

Becoming a big boy

Flaming red fur... soooo fluffly beautiful:D

"Yo homies.. high five"

Aaand look pretty for the camera.... now nemo....


Dust everywhere! I even created this neat little working corner.. BUT that went down the drain once SOMEONE decided to sleep exactly on top of the dust that i create…

The renovation project is running smoothly -Went to a place called biltema to get me a few machines that will easen the work some – a little polish machine and a little bigger one for larger surfaces. They both where pretty cheap 125sek or something each, so thats not so bad.  Also bought some paint and glue and pencils etc – Its really fun to feel like bob the builder 😀

A few pictures of the project..and cat..for sale.

Cute little polish machine

The one for larger surfaces

Someday it will shine again 😀

So many tiny spots thats hard to reach

Black handle sitting in front of it

Cat...for sale

Broken 2 places so have to glue it together

Had to try something new with the borring food we had for dinner

Old spin wheel

Not sure what its called in english but lets call it a spin wheel:D  Tonie was so sweet to call me from his work today and ask if i wanted it, before they tossed it. And ofc i want such a beauty! Cant wait to work on it – restore every detail and have shine like it was brand new:D

This is how it looks now – tomorrow im going to get some materials for the restoration.

In all its pride

From the front

Being creative

Made some jewelries today – and got a really cool necklace for Tonie too.  Went downtown to search at panduro hobby (only place they sell hobby things around here..i think) for a few things – but they didnt have all the materials i needed so thats annoying! Need to order from my moms jewelry pusher instead it seems 😀

Tonies new necklace

My new homemade necklace

A more closeup of the idols

Lovely dinner

Got to try out my new grill pan – and it works wonders! Grilled my chicken slices and my haloumi and they where perfect 😀

Full grain pasta, chicken, haloumi (cheese you fry on the pan) red mangold salat, rep peber fruit, tomato and cucumber and spring onion

Served with homemade dressing, wich is Creme fraiche mixed with herbs and red curry pasta, Læsø salt and some pepermix. Tastes wonderful

Our favorite dish in this household 😀

Little nemo

Few pictures of the little one

His opinion about that...

Very sweet upfront picture

Rare moments in the sun