Time for some cleaning – its amazing how much mess 7 people can create in a home..phew! But Kicki had everything under control with the vacuuming, washing floors – kitchen and whatnot so thank god for kicki these 7 days 😀

New supplies of food was needed. More stores and visited a ceramic place. Kicki likes pottery so had to go check out if there was anything that needed a Swedish home. But was a little pricey so we moved along.

At 10ish we went to a marked place. Every Wednesday throughout the summer there is a marked in Byrum. Lots and lots of crap and junk – I ofc went straight to the places where i spotted books. Didn’t find any of value tho so was a little disappointed. Tonie found Donald Duck books 😀

At evening Tonie and i went to Bovet (water place) where you can walk and walk for 20minutes straight out – and the water will never get deeper than your knees. But we didnt get very far out.. the wind was too cold brrr

Inner yard - and the cat Sylvester

lucky picture with Camera

Brothers house

2 freezing souls

Tonie - freezing to death

Nice expression..


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