Shopping day!

Frida, Kicki and I went to the mainland to Frederikshavn for some serious shopping!

Took the boat at 09.40 and back home again at 16.50.

I hooked up with my sister and we went to several 2nd hand stores and i got tons of my precious books. A few clothings and other stuff. We drove to a really pretty place and got some icecream – almost didnt get lost. Stopped at a sandwich bar to get a Latté and sis.. i mean Niece got a waffle with icecream 😀

Was a lovely day with sis – love you ❤

When we where done shopping and went back to the boat – we had SO much to carry our arms almost fell off. Was really heavy hihi.. girls.

Tonies dad Dan and tonie had been out all day golfing – so they had gotten a nice tan 😀 Henke and Nicklas had a chillday at my brothers house.

Such a pretty view

Chilling at night


"lets take a picture..wait..soon.. just keep smiling..anytime now.. BLITZ"

Latte.. and sup with the expression?

Where we got the icecream.. so beautiful


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