Took off at 05.03 Sunday morning the 11th of July towards Gøteborg. Super pretty morning and completly free roads, so was a bliss to drive the long way – except the utterly strong tiredness..

Arrived safely in Frederikshavn around 12ish and drove to Læsø boat – where we parked in the lane called “chance” – meaning we MIGHT get lucky and get on an earlier boat than we booked for (was sold out) – and by all luck at 14.00 we drove on board and set sail for Læsø. excactly 4 spots extra and we where number 2 and 3 in the line 🙂

Drove to my brothers house and unpacked – then headed to my parents house where mom was waiting.

We all where super exhausted so noone had energy to find the big cooking skills – so the closeby restaurent provided some pizzas for us.

Drove back home to my brothers house wich he so kindly have lended us all week – unpacked the rest and rested until bedtime where we all slepts like rocks!

I had too little to do so filming the others

Waiting in Gøteborg

On board Stena Line

Slight difference in the 2 boats we sailed with haha

Resting at mom

Pizza time

3 tired men


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