Sunday – going back home

Big travel day ahead – Boat leaving at 09.40 to frederikshavn and Stena Line towards sweden at 14.00 – so the last packing got panicked into the cars – and then we set sail for home

Its been a wonderful week – with sunshine, family, beer and overall great company all along. Enjoyed fantastic dinners with new things. Gotten tans and a little more than recommended fluid income.. *cough* No injuries except 10+kg extra cause we constant ate something!

Was really nice visiting family again – was nice to see mom, dad, brother and sister. Miss you ❤

Around 21.00 at evening i had a little fluffy red hairball greeding us with kisses, purring spinning and glue attached. God forbid we left a room and he werent in it. Finally after 7 long days i smelled the comforting smell of my little Nemo boy ❤

So long Læsø..see you soon again ❤

Waiting in Vesterø (on Læsø) on the boat

Enjoying the last hour on Læsø

Playing games on the Læsø boat

Waiting in Frederikshavn



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