Woke up at 06.00 with the worst hangovers written in history.. i was soo pathetic when i crawled down in the living room where i found my brother watching TV.. Dan woke up and went to the bathroom then gave me 2 headache pills. Took me 4 hours to swallow them.. The tiniest zip of water or movement would cause instant trip to the bathroom. So suffered and planned many ways how to get there fastest IF i drink a zip now.. and now.. and now.. Dragged myself to bed again and woke up around 01.00 feeling slightly better. Decided to go up and pack everything and put it in the car – do some cleaning and overall run around like a damp child. No idea where i got that strenght from – but i always do that after a rough night… pfft.

At 18.30 we had arranged a big bbq at my parents house. so once we all where dressed, showered and feeling slightly better we drove there and ate some awesome bbq food. Enjoyed the sun – though got a little cold around 20.00 so we took the dessert indoor

Went back home and chilled at tv rest of evening.. noone had a single touch of energy left. Except when my brother pulled out 4 boxes of stuff he had laying around.. candy store for Kicki, Frida and I 😀

Bed time around 23-24 with new boozing fluids in our body.. sigh!

Wonderful sunshine at moms house

Moms garden - showing the raccoon exhibit

Prop - the male raccoon mom have

Funny liquor glass 😀

Henke ate a tomato..and survived!

Getting chilly

The adult table!



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