Went to a place called “Lys støberiet” – Homemade candles, Petting animals, homemade flour and other natural products. You can even make your own candle if you have the patience etc – Its a very cute place.

Later that day Kicki and frida went to the beach – and the boys and I went to the beer brewery where they could taste a few goodies.

At 19ish my brother and dad came from the boat – home for the weekend.

Around 22.040 we called a cap – time to go to the yearly harbour festival. and no one of us where cable of driving.. hic! so cap it was.

Was an awesome evening – we had steady income of fluids – strenght tests at the boxing ball and a steady hand at the shooting tent. My brother shot down 3 items in 2 rounds 😀

The strength test ended when henke shot all of us to the end of the world with a smashing hit of 5xx something alot… pffft! Then 2 other guys came along and smashed the ball to 800… i blame the booze.

At 02.00 we ordered a cap to take us home – completely soaked and wasted from all the booze. While the hangovers where planing an evil raid on us the following morning we all slept rather disturbed..

Henke owning all of us

Kicki and Dan dancing to the live band

The Larssons

Picture of the year.. haha

2 prices brother shot down..sup frida? haha

Brother winning everything



Frida owning the ball

Bunch of drunk tourists!

Dan giving it a try..notice the try

Brother trying - but miss-hit it tsk tsk

Full force!

Completely sober Henke... no wait..

Our table at the festival

looking human again after a shave and a haircut

Fixing the guitar

Just had fish bun and cold beer... its life!

Tonie keeping the Swedish rep in Denmark alive..

Brother and Nicklas

Beer testing

What Nicklas was doing 98% of the time

i found a kitten!..little red substitute nemo kitten:D

3 cuties

Kicki and frida

uhh good scratching spot i found haha

Was a cute little calf


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