Plastic flowers

.. On the bed at 04.00 in the morning is the greatest love little nemo can express to his moooommy *insert big heart*  But.. 04.00

Woke up with him purring and spinning and whatnot on my chest.. little hints with tiny mjaaaau in my ears that its time to wake up – first thing i see is plastic flowers from the trash i didnt bring down yesterday…  Did i mention i love my little boy??

After several minutes of cuddling and thankful kisses i tried to go back to sleep – but nemo had different plans. We should also share a little morning treat. So he went out to catch himself a fly and proudly showed it upfront.

Coffee is on and i have given up trying to sleep.

Good morning



  1. kaernevangen Said:

    Årh … nu er han simpelthen begyndt at komme med blomster til moar :D:D Han er da noget af de kæreste 😉 HVIS …. man altså liiige ser bort fra at det er kl lort om mogenen! Håber du trods alt får en god dag, nu må du snart på ferie og sove ud 😉

  2. ebbaluring Said:

    Kittehs… you’ve just got to love them.. or they kill you! 🙂

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