House painting

Today we all went out to paint Tonies moms house – scrape the old paint off first then paint it afterwards in white and blue colors.  Roger (their stepfather) had already been working alot late evenings – so “only” 1-2 sides left of the house.  The weather was quite nice. Sunny but not tropic heat – a little wind here and there made it nice and cool. The sweat keep dripping from the hard work tho 😀

We are going again tomorrow to work some more – only got half of one of the sides today. Hope the weather holds again.

A few pictures (took 190…)

The 2 unpainted sides of the house

Moving the sky-lift

Work work work

Very...pretty plutten!

Måns resting

Front house thats already painted

The sky-lift

Hard workers


Summer girl

Hard worker Mikael

Lunch time.. you ok henke? haha

Tutteluuu everyone

Pretty flowers



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Jubiiii, så er I jo i skarp træning…..og kan fortsætte her på Rosenlund. Vi har også noget der skal males……sagde jeg noget, – jeg mener MEGET.

    Kram fra

    • 1star2minds Said:

      Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk 😀 hjælper gerne.. du sagde polka prikker på ydermuren og grønne circler med pink nuancer indenfor eller?

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