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Had a little trip to ikea this morning – been wishing for a grill-pan for quite some time, so today it happen!

And its super perfect:D


A little trip

Tonies dad and Kicki came and picked us up – Went to a marked place in a city called Borgvik ( litte outside karlstad) Its a very pretty place, lots of old buildings with original markings etc. Had so much homemade things it was amazing, glad i didnt bring any money – could have ended up being quite an expensive trip 😀


Very big moose!

Nemo in his true nature hihi

Small part of the marked

Pretty toilet house


Waterfall behind the marked

Restaurant and coffee house

Old mansion.. roof almost falling down

Dan apparently had a book collection there!

or is the real Writer 😀

Sugar baby

What i will eat tonight – and i wont gain a single gram of fat cause ive made this new law saying that… fine.

Want a piece? SAID 1

My little model

Or the lack of same title.. he was NOT in a mood today when i came running with camera (recently vacuumed his tail -its now super tiny than what it use to be hihi).. So nemo boy can we see?

Clearly what he thought of that..

"FINE take the picture...*posing*"

"Take 1.. just ONE more pic.. please "


Tonies mother is blessing me with her fine jewelries from time to time – Today she gave me a very pretty green 3 flowered necklace. Wish i could wear the things at more occasions, but my wardrobe is not always fit for it (did everyone spot the excuse to go buy more cloth there?.. )

Todays pretty 3 flowered necklace

Love long necklaces

So pretty earrings

I moved my attention elsewhere for a SEC nemo..! sigh

Dream sofa

Went to Tonies brother Mikael yesterday to give him a vodka in a pretty bottle (forgot the name..) as thanks for watching nemo the week we where in DK. And there in the middle of his room was our dream sofa.  A while ago we went with him to different stores to find him a sofa and we spotted one we all licked alot. Now its shines up entire Mikael´s living room 😀

It has a very charming corner – not like something ive ever seen before. And a high back with big pillows wich i like alot. Ours should be dark brown tho to fit our “theme” once we get one…. in a dream house… somewhere *dreaming*

Right.. back to earth – price of this shiny fabric is 13.000 SEK.. buuut i want it!..some day.

Drrreeam sofa

Played some wii frisbee golf too - and i lost bigtime 😀

Danish shopping

A few things i certainly could not live without when i saw them in Denmark…

Nailpolish and shoes

More nailpolish and shoes..

DKNY perfume

Bracelet for my pink outfits

Antique books

Dinner and strawberries

My wonderful boyfriend came home yesterday with Asti and strawberries – and after a quick shower we went downtown to eat dinner:D Was a cute place called Score – food was great, mine atleast was. Got some pork file with pasta. Tonie chose a hamburger he had seen before and really wanted to try – a little disappointed but got full in the end.

Then home to watch some “Angel” a show we both adore – and to drink some Asti and eat strawberries.  Was a wonderful night thank you hun ❤

So now i can proudly say ive celebrated 1 year day with my boyfriend. Ive never done that in my life so it was quite a sweet experience 😀

21st of July

Who would have thought that i was blessed by finding true love? And the man from my dreams wake up next to me every morning? Who would have thought i was fortuned with such luck?  I never thought it possible atleast… until 21st of July last year where Tonie came walking towards me in Gøteborg, picking me up after several month of texting, emailing phoning..  then i knew.

I love you

Vacation 2010

If you click on “Previous Entries” underneath this picture – it will take you to the vacation days we had in denmark.  Its written day by day – and loads of pictures! 😀


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