New camera weee

After a looong time of wishing a compact camera, we finally bought one!:D

We have been looking on a million different types and my eye caught an out-sale on a pretty decent one.

Its a Samsung ST70

14 Megapixels

5x optical zoom

Dual image stabilization (perfect as i shake on my hands alot – or have a cat thats moving!)

Smart face recognition

Perfect portrait system

High definition movie recording (finally i can tag a few of Nemos funny moves !)

Intelligent auto focus (recognize different setups in that type of lightening /areas)

All in all it have everything i need in a small camera that fit it my purse 🙂

We got it in black as there was no other colors available… did look forward to hold a olive-green cam in my hands but cant have everything!!

We gave 1490SEK for it without memory card. Bought that on the side for 399kr for 8GB  (the stupid sales person gave us the wrong card tho, so have to go back and change it tomorrow grrr)

And who invented that it has to charge before use!! Im filled to the top with ZERO patience:D wanna test it noooow

My sweet camera



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Tillykke med vidunderet…..glæder mig til at se billeder…..(ikke kun af katten)….!

    • 1star2minds Said:

      tak tak – og skal nok begrænse billeder af nemo til de 2-3000stks… plus et par stykker

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