Ugh someone save me…please.

It was an amazing afternoon/evening in good company. unfortunately Tonie started to feel really bad around 22.30 so we took it easy for a little while and decided to take the taxi home. (stupid taxi company – failed to pick us up, so we had to wait for like 45 minutes extra. grr)

I was with the guys out playing disc-golf – thats a really fun sport! Never heard of it until i got to sweden actually, a real shame because its awesome!:D Took around 2 hours to walk the 18 holes – it was a lovely mix of sunshine on windy fields and shadow in the forest so it was very nice

Came back home to the cabin, and we all were super hungry – been smelling hundreds of other peoples grills on the disc-golf course so was torture to our hunger!! But we got the 2 grills started and soon a lovely smell of BBQ hit our noses.  Was great food – tho our ox filet got very darkened which i think is the sinner of my throat burn today..ugh Sweet potato grating, salad and carrot bread. Per had made this fantastic mushroom marinade (which he FORGOT to tell me the recipe on!!) for the mushrooms on the grill, was really good! – mixed with white wine and beer for the boys:D

For some reason i woke up at 05.55 – and my FANTASTIC hangovers prevents me from sleeping more *cries*

On one of the tracks

Lovely food

Niklas to the left - friend of per, very nice guy

Assembling the grill

Per throwing a disc

The holy grail

Our cabin

Playing with the camera

Our lovely host

On our way to play discgolf

Chilling in the sun



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