The call

We all know it – we all have it.. that little nag of guilt deep inside of us. To call our grandparents and hear how they are!  But after several days (weeks..month?)of thinking about calling – i decided today is the day!

It was wonderful to hear her voice again – felt safe and childish sweet to talk about random things in life. A little laugh here and there about silly family members and her memories of them. The future and our wishes from it etc.  Really brings a smile to my face every time – so why don’t we do it more often? I have decided i will try be better – never know how long you have them:)

35 minutes later i hung up with a good feeling inside, knowing she is perfectly fine, quit smoking and have been out at parties etc. So happy for her. And god i miss her… Been one of the most important people through out my childhood.

She said she will come to northern dk in October – so i will try match it with a dk trip so i can meet up with her:D

Love you granma ❤



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