Nemos vet trip

So Nemo was at the vet last Thursday and he was a little charmer as usual:D   He was in good shape, good heart, lounges and a very healthy weight of 4.2kg.  Good ears, eyes and nose.  Took the vaccine without any problems. They are really good at handling pets at that clinic im so happy we have them:)

When we got out from the examination we had to wait in the cat lounge for the dreadful bill. In there was a HUGE maincoon kitten and his 2 slaves. They where super friendly and very nice people. The cat was lying in his cage and barely lifted a eyebrow at Nemo, while Nemo had his nose ALL around the cage and tried to engage contact – the 2 owners loved him:D Thought he was such a lovingly and very beautiful cat, and we had quite a long talk about races and cats funny personalities:)

All in all was a super nice trip and Nemo had a good time too – in 2 years we have to go back for a new vaccine:)

My sleeping prince


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