Fridays shop´n cake

The summer sale is started and i HAD to go downtown and check it out.. HAD TO! and for some reason i managed to draw out my visa a few times.. strange how that works.  Spend 450kr on things that will richen my life in alot of ways.. yes it will dont look at me like that!  The Scottish bag was a real treasure.. went pass the shell without actually looking, but the colors caught my eye and i went bag to feeeel it. Thinking it would cost atleast 400-500kr i was HAPPILY surprised that it was on summersale too for 100kr – instant went down my basket! It will be perfect for my Scottish outfit

Here are my life savings things… followed by freshly baked Cinnamon buns 😀

All the things i cant live without...i cant!

Scottish bag.. i love it! 100kr

Bracelets 15kr each..was cheap!

Belt.. to 15kr! had to buy it..

Cinnamon bun (tonie formed this pretty)


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  1. eva Said:

    jag såg inte Tonie ibland sakerna du inte kunde leva utan hade han gömt sej i väskan hihi kram

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