Australian kelpie

After my wonderful dog was put to rest in may i have longed for a companion.  Im not interested now while we live in an apartment of getting a puppy – but in the future when we get a house and a more stable daily life:)

My mind is devoted to Australian kelpies. Its an amazingly intelligent dog – loving and a very strong life companion.  Its my idea that agility training, play dates, catch and other useful training abilities will be present for us.  I have all the time in the world so its perfect:D

Ive been emailing with a wonderful breeder named Eva Jonsson from karlstad (where we live) and her kelpie kennel have some amazing pictures she kindly allowed me to show here on my blog.

If you want to check out her web-page and learn more about the race, copy the link into your searchbar:

A few pictures of one of her dogs called Bilbo:

Wanna play with me?

Sweet dreams his bowl



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Nååårh de er søde.
    Trutti havde ikke stritører fordi hendes far var en labrador.

    • 1star2minds Said:

      Ja de er fantastiske – og når jeg læser om racen bliver jeg mere og mere overbevist om at det er den rette race for os. Der kan være andre som er ligeså fantastiske som jeg ikke har opdaget endnu – men tror jeg har fundet vores fremtidige hund

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