Birthday weekend

What an incredible sweet weekend it has been.  Started out Saturday on my birthday with Tonie bringing me coffee and flowers on the bed. And a neatly wrapped in Wii fit board that i sooo badly had wished for. And a cute little Love pills container he made himself at work ❤   Then we went to tonies mothers house for celebrating her 50 year old birthday she have had the previous day (the 11th of June) – Was a really nice time there with the whole family gathered for dinner and lots of cake:D  The postmand stopped by 5 min before we left with beautiful flowers from Liv ❤ Thank you sweetie

Eva, roger and Mikael gave me an amazing wonderful KITCHEN AID weeee – longed for one for a really long time! Its absolutely perfect.  Tested it when we got home, making freshly baked buns, and it worked wonders ❤  No more acid arms after stirring a rock hard dough.. have a machine now! 😀

Then Sunday (today) Tonies dad and step mom, grandparents and Mikael came for coffee and birthday cake at our place. and the grandparents had brought their dog Arvid – was very funny to see him and nemo in the same room:D Arvid wasnt too sure of nemo, but he was super polite and very friendly – Nemo looked like he had seen a ghost and ive never seen him walk so silently around hihi.

They gave me a beautiful bouquet of rosa/pink flowers and a really sweet kitchen knife – the brand is called Global and its incredibly nice quality. Tonie and I have severel times flattened our nose looking at the knifes when we are out shopping, longing for them 😀  So im very happy i have one in my cupboard now:D

A few pictures of all the goodies:

Birthday cake

Wii board

Love pills

Eva´s new bike

Eva and Nicklas

Arvid and Nemo

Flowers and birthday cake

Goodies on the table

My kitchen aid ❤

Evas new kitten named plutten

Global knife

Pretty flowers from Liv ❤



  1. Lone Ramtung Said:

    Det ser jo rigtigt hyggeligt ud…..og lækre kager, fine blomster….og søde dyr.
    Du har haft travlt min pige… forhåbentligt også nydt det.

    Knus og kram
    Mutii….og alle de andre på Rosenlund

  2. kaernevangen Said:

    Lyder til at ha været en rigtig dejlig weekend smukke, du har også fortjent det! Og jeg har fortjent den kage der….. ik???

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