I have found myself a really interesting period of minus sleep.  I can wake up at 04.00-05.00 and for some reason my mind refuse to go back to sleep. Im also currently haunted by alot of pretty bad dreams /nightmares..  its just awesome!

We go to bed around 21.30-22.30 normally but falling asleep in a reasonable time after that is impossible..  I roll around.. restless legs.. head is spinning and even when it seems im “away” im still semi awake.. not to forget Nemo pops his head in from time to time “MJAAAAAAAU sleeping mom!??!”….  sigh.

I look like a ghost with hollow cheeks atm!  The room might be too warm – but balcony door is open and during night it gets chilly.. so i have decided that, from this day on i will no longer be sleeping.  I give up the priviledge and i am terribly sorry for any inconvenience it might have on my surroundings !

Goodnight…. i mean.. argh!

Wish to sleep


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