What a cozy sunday its been

Another day with really wonderful weather. We have had an amazing sunny week – hope it lasts a little longer:D

Tonie and i have been sunbathing on the balcony for approximately 30 minutes, then it got too hot and we felt like we got boiled.. ush so warm.  So we decided to spend our precious time in a public park where you can meet animals:D  Its called mariebergskoven and its the biggest park in Karlstad.

All kinds of animals live there and they are super tame. We got there a little late tho, so most exhibits where closed for people to enter..buhu. But we got some pictures atleast of those remaining outside ones:)

When we got home we made a delicious dinner with Salmon, Pasta with pesto, homemade dressing and a fresh summersalat – and ofc a cold beer.  All consumed on our “new” balcony

All in all a really wonderful day (and i got a chance to air out my pretty new dress and shoes wee)

My little pony

"I was here first!"

Feeding time

Family resting

Miss pig


Wonderful dinner


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