Worlds best mother

Must be mine. After yesterdays blog post about the mean greedy monster i have – she called to let me know that she thinks the greedy monster should go on vacation while she would pay for the dress i so badly wished for ❤  THANK YOU MOM

We went to bergvik and flew into the store – i was so afraid it wouldnt be in my size.. sold out.. wrong color – or just not be what i thought it would.  We browsed the entire store and my mood started to get frustrated, because we couldnt find it anywhere!! Uuuntil very last row (ofc!) and there it was.. with 3 others and only 1 left in my size *happy dance*

After rushing to the register to pay it, we went to “Din sko” shoestore to see if there where anything of my likings.  They have this amazing offer that you can buy 3 and only pay for 2.. so i HAD to do that right?

Here is todays result of my non-greedy monster shopping day

My pretty new dress

And the result from going to “Din sko” shoestore

Summer shoes



  1. eva Said:

    jättefin klänning inget fel på skorna heller och armband ? på skoaffären?

  2. Yay Said:

    Women do not need an excuse to shop!!!


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