To sleep or not to sleep..

Bleh.. have had a terrible week sleeping wise. Just seem to fool around in a dreamworld with less pleasant dreams, than actually resting.  And i pay with my tiredness the next day.

Like yesterday i woke up at 06.30 and was SUPER tired like i havent been sleeping AT all.  So i went back to bed around 08.30 and slept to 11.30 !   I payed for that stunt at the evening couse i couldnt sleep *typical* Aaand again ive had a full night of fooling around.. even been up twice.. just because?.

The weather is awesome. Beautiful sunshine and almost no wind – so alot of my time is spend catching every little heat i can draw from it.. maybe thats the reason my body isnt functioning?

Just bleh… woke up at 05.45 this morning spite a almost no sleepy night *zzZzz*


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