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Trip this summer is booked, payed and almost time to execute:D The 11th July we are on the way with Tonies father, step-mom and 2 siblings at 05.30 in the morning – need to catch the 09.00 boat 😀

We are so blessed that my brother will have his house available for all of us to stay at the entire week, so thats nice of him

Nemo will be looked after by Tonies other brother Mikael – who so kindly agreed to stay at our place to keep Nemo company and make sure his food bowl is topped. Means a lot to my heart he will do this for us – makes me rest more at night that my little boy isn’t alone:)

Cant wait to showoff the little danish pearl of an island to this side of the family – hope they will like it as much as we do 🙂

Læsø boat


New camera weee

After a looong time of wishing a compact camera, we finally bought one!:D

We have been looking on a million different types and my eye caught an out-sale on a pretty decent one.

Its a Samsung ST70

14 Megapixels

5x optical zoom

Dual image stabilization (perfect as i shake on my hands alot – or have a cat thats moving!)

Smart face recognition

Perfect portrait system

High definition movie recording (finally i can tag a few of Nemos funny moves !)

Intelligent auto focus (recognize different setups in that type of lightening /areas)

All in all it have everything i need in a small camera that fit it my purse 🙂

We got it in black as there was no other colors available… did look forward to hold a olive-green cam in my hands but cant have everything!!

We gave 1490SEK for it without memory card. Bought that on the side for 399kr for 8GB  (the stupid sales person gave us the wrong card tho, so have to go back and change it tomorrow grrr)

And who invented that it has to charge before use!! Im filled to the top with ZERO patience:D wanna test it noooow

My sweet camera


Well he is a boy afterall….

Cheering for...the moving ball


Weeeeeeee congratulations my sweet bigsister and fiance martin ❤ So happy for you two, after all this time its such a huge reward for all your effort:)

Im gonna be an aunt *super proud* (if its twins, we are gonna share right? RIGHT?)

For some reason Tonie didnt agree we should use our entire next month salary on babystuff???

So happy


Decided to stop the lazyness and went to Mariebergskogen.  Had a sinful moment and we bought some ice-cream (But lets keep that as a secret shall we? Maybe my body wont notice then..)

Such pretty weather outside feels like a waste to sit indoor and do nothing – glad we have free public parks like that 🙂

Funny goat - couldnt reach the hay stack hihi

Mini pig - they are so cute!

Hello birdie

The secret ice-cream ssh!

Pretty weather

Such a lovely sunshine today – but dont have any ideas to a activity.. Not really up for a long walk somewhere – tsk tsk youth and their lazyness i know!

Wish i was on my parents island Læsø atm, then i could go to the beach and take a stroll.. but that have to wait until next month 😀 Beaches around here are too crowded and small for me sadly, so i prefer Læsø with wide open sands, and a beach as long as the eye can see etc 🙂

klarälven in karlstad


Ugh someone save me…please.

It was an amazing afternoon/evening in good company. unfortunately Tonie started to feel really bad around 22.30 so we took it easy for a little while and decided to take the taxi home. (stupid taxi company – failed to pick us up, so we had to wait for like 45 minutes extra. grr)

I was with the guys out playing disc-golf – thats a really fun sport! Never heard of it until i got to sweden actually, a real shame because its awesome!:D Took around 2 hours to walk the 18 holes – it was a lovely mix of sunshine on windy fields and shadow in the forest so it was very nice

Came back home to the cabin, and we all were super hungry – been smelling hundreds of other peoples grills on the disc-golf course so was torture to our hunger!! But we got the 2 grills started and soon a lovely smell of BBQ hit our noses.  Was great food – tho our ox filet got very darkened which i think is the sinner of my throat burn today..ugh Sweet potato grating, salad and carrot bread. Per had made this fantastic mushroom marinade (which he FORGOT to tell me the recipe on!!) for the mushrooms on the grill, was really good! – mixed with white wine and beer for the boys:D

For some reason i woke up at 05.55 – and my FANTASTIC hangovers prevents me from sleeping more *cries*

On one of the tracks

Lovely food

Niklas to the left - friend of per, very nice guy

Assembling the grill

Per throwing a disc

The holy grail

Our cabin

Playing with the camera

Our lovely host

On our way to play discgolf

Chilling in the sun


Celebrating summer

Tonight Tonie and i will go to a place called “Skutberget” and celebrate summer with some friends. Skutberget is a huge camping site with alot of room for outdoor activities, barbeque, parties and alot of other holiday minded things:)   Per rented a Cabin there where we can spend our evening barbequeing and drinking cold beer and enjoy a few games of whatever we come up with 😀

Wonder what i should wear tho.. its still quite cold in the shadow, and at evenings when the wind hits you – so im guessing a summer dress is out of the question. Maybe bring some changes in case a tropic winter storm arrives.

Will bring my camera and give updates tomorrow on how it went! (if the hangovers allows me to leave the bed that is..)

Cabins on skutberget

haha ouch!

Tonie have been out playing paintball with his work – and here is the result hihi


Thats not a muscle!

Freshly baked


Delicious buns is made once again from my kitchen aid ❤

Tonie is out with his company on a party, to celebrate summer (Big thing they do here in sweden, im off to celebrate it with friends on friday)  so im allllll alone in the entiiiire world – what is better to comfort eat than freshly baked buns??


Tasted awesome

Worm bun!!

UFO buns! maybe E.T wants one??

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