A beautiful day

Today we celebrated mothers day in sweden. We drove to tonies mothers house around 13.00ish and as you can see on the pictures, the weather was amazing. We all got a nice shot of the sunny vitamins 😀

Was also a perfect weather for a delicious barbeque. Tonie and I had brought a 2.5kg oxfilet marinaded in lots of good stuff and some very delicious bread *yum yum*

Under their porch lives a little cute hedgehog. It peaks its little body out from time to time to lie in the warm sun and tonie was fast with the camera to get a few closeups.

MĂ„ns their kitten (wich is 1 month older than nemo) enjoyed the tall grass, butterflies and warm sun. He had a good time running around chasing whatever came his way – or walked off to lie in the shadow and rest his little eyes.. tough work being a kitten in the big world!

Nicklas, Roger

Kitten mÄns


Frida, Henrik, Eva, Tonie

Henrik, Nicklas, Mikael, Eva


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