So about those muffins..

The taste of the previous ones you can read about below, turned out to be a little disappointing.  The taste was super boring – only few times it was divine was when you got a piece of chocolate in your mouth (who dosnt love chocolate?!) the dough and overall consistance was pretty good and they raise beautifully.  Therefor i changed a little in the recipe to make them taste as good as they look!  I added more vanilla and tried with blueberries instead.  The result was purple muffins (because im too cheap to buy fresh blueberries and used frozen ones) but the taste was sadly still very boring:(

Soooo i changed it again! This time i added Cacao and smaller chocolate pieces and used butter instead of oil. Result of my testings is so and so… the taste this time is really godly good in every mouthfull mmhmm (…uh not that i eat them ofc. Im on a diet and all…and stuff *cough*) The negative effect is that they fall down in the middle and refuse to raise up…. argh!


Anyway i wont cheat you for a little picture of my testings

Very blue blueberry muffins

Chocolate muffins with cacao


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