So this is it

So this is what a blog is..  Its all very new and interesting to me. Ive known the concept for years but never really gotten all the hype about it..  until yesterday where i saw a blog and i got a little hooked.. so here i am dear readers:)

I think my blog will for now be about everything and nothing – a little of this and alot of that etc.  Over time i will present my cookings of all kinds of things – mostly dinners and cakes. as thats my primary doings when im in the kitchen.

Photos of our little beloved kitten (who turns 1 the 1st of june wee) and ofc daily life as it goes by

Some may wonder why i write in english while im infact very danish – and the reason behind that is i have alot of non-danish speaking friends and family and for everyone to be able to follow the site i try to be as neutral as possible  (filthy swedes should have danish in their school system!!) gonna make a poll for that and make it worldwide!…and then take over the world!!!……..anyway

Enjoy the ride

Sir highness Nemo the 1st


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  1. Per Said:

    Always fun to read bloggs keep it up!

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