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According to nemo..

Magnets from the fridge can fall down completly by themself in this household, he was merely in the room when it occured.

Sir innocent...


Miss paint alot

Painted a table for our balcony this morning Рsponsered by tonies  wonderfull mother (thank you!) now i just need to wait for it to dry, then check if it needs a 2nd time or if its covered good enough. And then finish it off with some polish:)

Project blue table

So pretty color

The color

Project table

A beautiful day

Today we celebrated mothers day in sweden. We drove to tonies mothers house around 13.00ish and as you can see on the pictures, the weather was amazing. We all got a nice shot of the sunny vitamins ūüėÄ

Was also a perfect weather for a delicious barbeque. Tonie and I had brought a 2.5kg oxfilet marinaded in lots of good stuff and some very delicious bread *yum yum*

Under their porch lives a little cute hedgehog. It peaks its little body out from time to time to lie in the warm sun and tonie was fast with the camera to get a few closeups.

Måns their kitten (wich is 1 month older than nemo) enjoyed the tall grass, butterflies and warm sun. He had a good time running around chasing whatever came his way Рor walked off to lie in the shadow and rest his little eyes.. tough work being a kitten in the big world!

Nicklas, Roger

Kitten måns


Frida, Henrik, Eva, Tonie

Henrik, Nicklas, Mikael, Eva

So about those muffins..

The taste of the previous ones you can read about below, turned out to be a little disappointing.  The taste was super boring Рonly few times it was divine was when you got a piece of chocolate in your mouth (who dosnt love chocolate?!) the dough and overall consistance was pretty good and they raise beautifully.  Therefor i changed a little in the recipe to make them taste as good as they look!  I added more vanilla and tried with blueberries instead.  The result was purple muffins (because im too cheap to buy fresh blueberries and used frozen ones) but the taste was sadly still very boring:(

Soooo i changed it again! This time i added Cacao and smaller chocolate pieces and used butter instead of oil. Result of my testings is so and so… the taste this time is really godly good in every mouthfull mmhmm (…uh not that i eat them ofc. Im on a diet and all…and stuff *cough*) The negative effect is that they fall down in the middle and refuse to raise up…. argh!


Anyway i wont cheat you for a little picture of my testings

Very blue blueberry muffins

Chocolate muffins with cacao

Chocolate chip muffins

So i decided (even im on a diet…) to make chocolate chip muffins. And here is the result. ¬†2 of them failed as i poured up too much in the form so its all over the baking plate now *sigh*

Im on the search for a really good muffins recipe, so if anyone have one (tested!) please give me a shout:)

I will type in the recipe later – once Tonie tested how they are (i cant eat them because of the stupid diet *cry*.. and yes i could make fatfree ones but where is the fun in that?!) and if its worth putting up here – it will be, dont worry:)

Enjoy…………….(and drooool)

Chocolate chip muffin

Chocolate chip muffin

Chocolate chip muffin


I think ive inherited my moms passion for taking pictures of everything and everyone.. I really enjoy and love taking pictures and i want to bring my camera whereever i go – if it wasnt so super un-handy! Its big and heavey and dosnt fit in a small purse or pocket. and it does not fullfill my needings of a camera (might be because of a wrong setup.. ssh!) anyway.. ive fallen in love with this camera and ive started some savings for it.

I need a camera who can quickly recharge and take pictures in motion. Quick startup, light and very very user friendly! Small and take really strong good quality closeups without blurring the whole picture.

From what i can read on the previews of this product it fullfill most of my needs. Have heard tales of a little slow recharge.. but i can live with that if it have everything else i want:)

Panasonic Camera DMC-TZ10

Rest in peace trutti

My beloved little companion thru 11 years is now to be found among the angels in dogheaven. ¬†It was the hardest day of my life and im so thankfull i had Tonie at my side thru the entire day (last monday)… She will be remembered as a loyal, intelligent sweet and strong little doggie who spend the last few month of her life in sweden next to me (took 4 month before she was even allowed into sweden because of formalities of stupid rules..) She had sadly become quite ill and the vet said that there would be no point of trying to fix everything – and we should enjoy the last time we had with her. Over the weeks she got more and more into the wrong direction and i had to make a really hard choice.

I light a candle dedicated to you every evening my little love – may you rest in peace ‚̧


So this is it

So this is what a blog is..  Its all very new and interesting to me. Ive known the concept for years but never really gotten all the hype about it..  until yesterday where i saw a blog and i got a little hooked.. so here i am dear readers:)

I think my blog will for now be about everything and nothing Рa little of this and alot of that etc.  Over time i will present my cookings of all kinds of things Рmostly dinners and cakes. as thats my primary doings when im in the kitchen.

Photos of our little beloved kitten (who turns 1 the 1st of june wee) and ofc daily life as it goes by

Some may wonder why i write in english while im infact very danish – and the reason behind that is i have alot of non-danish speaking friends and family and for everyone to be able to follow the site i try to be as neutral as possible¬† (filthy swedes should have danish in their school system!!) gonna make a poll for that and make it worldwide!…and then take over the world!!!……..anyway

Enjoy the ride

Sir highness Nemo the 1st